3 Steps to Building a Shared Work Space Community

Professional industries are slowly, but surely, coming to terms with the concept of shared work space. Coworking venues have been popping up all over as businesses and professionals begin to revisit their needs and wants in office space. But what does it truly mean to be a shared work space: is it just a collective […]

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3 Business Practices You Should Avoid on a Public Internet Connection

The New Office Frontier? Not Really Trying to get internet access in a hotel lobby or local coffee shop… we’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be tougher than finding parking during peak business hours downtown. Whether you’re just checking emails or reviewing urgently needed presentation notes, the stress-level can be the same with a slow or spotty internet […]

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What Should You Expect During an Office Relocation in Tampa Bay?

Across Tampa Bay — from Lakeland to St. Pete and from North Tampa down to Sarasota — companies large and small are always moving their office space. Those moves might be within the same building, within different floors of a building or across town. Because of the complexity of some of these moves, most business […]

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