The Best Downtown Bars to Unwind After Your Tampa Meeting

We know meetings can be stressful. Whether you’re meeting with clients or holding a staff meeting, there’s a lot to deal with before, during and after that can add extra stress to your day. This is especially true for traveling professionals that need to book hourly meeting rooms for out-of-town visits. It can be a […]

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Where to Eat After Your Downtown Tampa Meeting!

Everyday, thousands of professionals come into Tampa’s downtown for a variety meeting needs. You may be a traveling sales rep meeting with clients or you may be an attorney holding a deposition. Whatever the case, downtown Tampa is a hot-spot for hourly meeting room reservations due to its status as the county’s central business district […]

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5 Things to Know Before Booking Hourly Meeting Rooms

Hourly meeting rooms are used by tons of businesses¬†in many different professions. They are a great resources if you’re a professional on-the-go. They’re also heavily used by court reporters, attorneys and other legal services providers. While hourly meeting rooms can be found all throughout Tampa, they are not all the same.¬†They may be set up […]

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Downtown Tampa’s Office Market is Feeling the Squeeze

Growing Pains With all the recent revitalization projects currently under way in Tampa’s downtown, you might be thinking it’s time to make a professional move to the area. However, you might be surprised to learn that in the midst of this commercial influx, downtown Tampa’s office market is experiencing some growing pains. A recent article […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Virtual Mailing Address

You’ve heard the terms before: virtual office, virtual mailbox, business mailing address… but what do they mean? Is it just a fancy name for a P.O. Box or is it something else? Well, the first thing to know about a virtual mailing address is NOT the same as a post office box. Typically, it serves […]

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