3 Signs That Our Professional Office Needs are Changing

Our office needs are changing;

Not only in terms of what an office should provide, but how an office should feel. Demand has shifted from strictly professional needs to more socially accommodating needs. Office spaces are evolving from the rigid places of business to collaborative spaces that promote synergy and creativity. There’s also an increasing focus on healthfulness and mindfulness in the workplace.

Professional office spaces are now beginning to reflect these changing priorities. There is, of course, the rise in popularity of coworking spaces – shared work spaces that cultivate and promote collaboration – but even in more “traditional” office settings we are seeing signs of changing needs.


One of the major shifts we see occurring is that of an effort to build community in the workplace. Historically, offices have existed in a professional vacuum. Until recently, they have been seen as sterile environments where people go, do their work and leave once it is finished. Now, that’s starting to change.

Companies and business owners are making more of an effort to engage their employees – not just during the workday, but outside of the office as well. Whether it’s providing weekly events or after-work happy hour socials, employers are finding ways to inject social opportunities into the office.

Health and Wellness

Community-building in the workplace encourages interaction but it also promotes social health. The health and well-being of professionals in the office has been coming much more into focus in recent years. Employers are finding that a happy, healthy employee is not only more productive, but that an environment promoting health and wellness leads to employee longevity.

Many offices and coworking spaces have started offering programs aimed at improving the mental health and employee well-being, from meditation sessions to soothing aesthetics. In today’s day and age where everything moves at light-speed, everyone has felt like this at least once before:


The growing demand for flexible office space is another sign that our office needs are changing. Taking cues from shared work space and collaborative concepts, traditional offices are moving away from rigid structure to more flexible environments. Cubicles and bullpen style layouts are being replace by shared desks and alternative spaces.

Now, you can find offices offering outdoor seating or group settings with shared resources and amenities. Other spaces feature meeting rooms and offices that emphasize natural lighting over fluorescent.





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