How Coworking Spaces Can Improve Your Productivity at Work

The Weekday Drag

Everybody’s experienced it: the inevitable burnout that brings your productivity in the office to a grinding halt. Employees and professionals that work out of an office have all dealt with decreased productivity from time-to-time. Even all you natural “go-getters” may suffer from temporary burnout. The daily routine of traditional office life can wear on anyone; at one time or another, you’ve probably been left you feeling like this:


Coworking Spaces Improve Office Productivity

However, the rise of coworking spaces and other short term office rental solutions offer a break from the regular office space distractions and frustrations. These types of spaces provide flexible, social environments that can increase your overall happiness and increase productivity at work.

Here are three ways that coworking spaces are leading to more productive employees!


One of the biggest factors that leads to office burnout is the weekly routine of the “nine-to-five” day. For many (including this author!) the monotony of working the same eight hours a day every week really starts to take a toll. Sometimes, it can seem like the week is just dragging on, no matter what you do to occupy yourself.

As a response coworking spaces have positioned themselves around the concept of flexibility. By introducing short term and temporary office space rentals, these spaces are emphasizing the reduced need for professionals to be at their desks all day. Much of our work these days is done on cell phones and tablets. As we increasingly find ways to do our work on-the-go, we’re finding less and less of a need to be stuck in the office.

However, if you’ve ever tried working from home or from a coffee-shop, you know that sometime’s an office is the only place you can get away and actually get some work done. That’s the beauty of having on-demand access to office space. Many spaces offer comprehensive temporary office rental plans, including:

With these options, you can tailor your time in the office to time actually spent productively.

Social Engagement

Another vital component to productivity: mental health. Studies show that happier employees make for more productive employees. In fact, mental health is one of the biggest factors companies are encountering in hiring today’s workforce, and with good reason. As human beings, we’re social creatures; we thrive on social interaction and engagement. When opportunities to connect and socialize are absent from the workplace, you’ll tend to find low levels of productivity.

That’s why many coworking spaces and shared workplace communities focus on incorporating social aspects into their office settings. And we don’t just mean putting a cake in the break room for an employee birthdays – many coworking spaces incorporate social engagement as a cornerstone of workplace. Most venues offer a variety of after-hours functions, from happy hours to networking events while also providing ample time (and space!) throughout the day to socialize.

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