5 Commonly Overlooked Legal Services That Court Reporting Firms Offer

What do you think of when you hear the term “court reporter”?

court reporting firms Tampa BayFor most, what probably comes to mind is the image of someone sitting in a courtroom, typing quickly away on a tiny typewriter-thing (it’s called a Stenotype, for everyone that’s not in the legal field).

While stenography is one of the most popular services that court reporting firms can provide, many groups offer a variety of legal services and solutions that can be a great help. Here are some commonly overlooked legal services that offered by court reporting firms that you may not know about.  



Legal Video

While most of us are familiar with court reporting firms using stenographers for recording legal proceedings, there is a growing reliance on the use of videography to record proceedings. Legal Video services are increasingly becoming a popular method for recording depositions and client testimonials. Video depositions are able to capture not only what was said, but also the way in which it was said; offering visual and audible depth to deposition recording.

Interpretation and Translation

If you’re an attorney, you may have worked a case involving a foreign language-speaker. Sometimes, cases involving clients who speak another language can be quite complex and tedious. To save you the aggravation of trying to find an outside translator or interpreter, many court reporting firms offer in-house interpretation and translation services. Translators and interpreters provided by court reporting firms are already vetted for credentials and certifications, so you know you will be getting accurate, professional service.

Audio Transcription

Even though there may not be a court reporter present at your hearing, you know you can still get a written transcript of the proceedings. Most court reporter firms offer professional audio transcription services for all types of depositions and litigation. They also offer transcription services for professions outside of the legal field. In addition to legal proceedings, court reporting firms can also transcribe phone calls, meetings, and interviews.

Case Management

Struggling under a complex or heavy caseload? Court reporting firms can help you handle complex cases through tailored, case management services. Save time and energy by delegating case management responsibilities. Court reporting firms have a dedicated team of professional case managers to handle your case, whatever your needs may be.

Conference and Meeting Room Rentals

Whether it’s for a deposition or meeting with opposing counsel, it’s important to secure the right meeting room. Usually, legal proceeding outside the courthouse need to be in a neutral, mutually accessible location. It can be difficult to find and secure a professional meeting rooms that fits the use requirements and needs of both parties, especially if you’re coming from out of town.

Fortunately, most court reporting firms have databases of trusted locations for hourly meeting rooms and daily conference space reservations. Whether you need deposition space or a suitable mediation venue, a court reporting firm can book the right one. Some also offer video conferencing solutions.

Court Reporting Firms in Tampa Bay

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Derek Dewitt January 24th, 2018 at 13:43 / #1 / Reply / Quote

I’ve always wondered what sort of work court reporters did outside of legal transcripts, so thanks for sharing this. I like that you mention how legal videos are becoming a popular way of recording depositions and client testimonials. I can see how having a court reporter to interpret what they say and how they say it would be useful.

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