A Collaborative Real Estate Hub in Downtown Tampa

Building a Collaborative Real Estate Hub

Eric Odum and Steven Silverman knew what they wanted when the started the Invest Florida Show podcast. They wanted to build a living database of actionable real estate investing advice while growing their professional network. As real estate professionals, they wanted an accessible online hub for information, insights and the latest news on Florida’s real estate industry.

In doing so, they realized the potential to expand this vision beyond the reaches of the web. They began conceiving a brick-and-mortar hub to serve Tampa Bay’s real estate industry and professionals.

The Result – Suites@Madison

Taking inspiration from collaborative work spaces and coworking venues, we aim to serve as both a shared office space and business incubator for real estate professionals. We are more than just short term office space. Our concept is built on the idea of community; shared experience, shared insights and shared resources.

Business Does Not Exist in a Vacuum

No matter what profession you are in, you must realize that you are not the only one doing what you do. To operate a business under that assumption is detrimental to your success. This may be why executive office rental concept is falling by the wayside; people are now realizing that going into an office and cutting themselves off from the world is not only unproductive, but unhealthy.

As a collaborative real estate hub, we understand that there are a lot of parts that need to come together in order to make a deal happen. It can be difficult connecting with a reliable pool of resources, especially for those just starting out in the industry.

More Than a Card-Swap

While the value of real estate investor associations (REIAs) should never be discounted, sometimes it can prove difficult to make a lasting connection beyond a business card exchange. Our goal for Suites@Madison is to become a permanent, collaborative real estate hub in downtown Tampa. Professionals have access to collective resources and shared databases to grow their business and make meaningful contacts.

A Lasting Community

What positions Suites@Madison as Tampa’s next collaborative real estate hub? Community engagement. We want to provide a venue for real estate professionals to share their insights and talk about what drives them. Through seminars, round-table discussions and networking events, our members are able to engage with Tampa’s real estate community.


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