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Recap – Funding Your Deal: From FNMA to Hard Money! – 6/6/2017

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From left to right; Bob Tosi, Ben Yonge, Dan Feinman, Frank Coto, Eric Oum

This past Tuesday, we hosted the Invest Florida Show for a live panel discussion – Funding Your Deals: From FNMA to Hard Money! We had a great turnout for the event and we’d like to give a shout out to our guests and panelists for making it such a great night!

During the Q+A session, the expert panel offered up tips and insight for finding and securing real estate funding; both through traditional financing channels as well as alternative means. Here is a list of the night’s panelists:

  • Frank Coto, III
    • Frank is the Founder and President of Lincoln Lending Group. Based in Tampa, Lincoln Lending offers flexible mortgage solutions for real estate investors and home-buyers.
  • Dan Feinman
    • Dan is a hard money lender and a real estate attorney as well as a hands-on investor, with a rental portfolio that he manages. He works with Starwood Capital Group as a capital partner. Through their partnership, he has transacted¬†over $2.5 billion in non-performing notes and mortgages, and he is presently working with Starwood to raise a national hard money lending platform.
  • Bob Tosi
    • Bob is Vice President of EquityPro. Heading up EquityPro’s Tampa team, Bob assists in the brokerage of real estate for his clients: real estate investors.
  • Ben Yonge
    • Ben is the Founder and President of EquityPro. He heads EquityPro’s Orlando branch. He believes that the best real estate deals should benefit all parties.

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