Development and Construction Firms Dig Temporary Office Space!

Real Estate Construction & Development: The Issue with Project Oversight

If you work in the real estate industry, you’re busy. If you work in real estate construction and/or development, then you’re even busier.

Especially in a state like Florida, with a construction work force already stretched thin, development and construction firms often have multiple projects going in different locations simultaneously.

Temporary Office Space: An Easy Solution

Lets face it: when you are in the middle of several different commercial property developments, you don’t want to spend too much of your time going back-and-forth between your office and construction sites. Even in the case of adjoining counties or cities (e.g. Tampa and St. Petersburg), it can be a pain to oversee a project without an office on location or at least nearby. Let’s also not forget client meetings. If the client is not able to meet you at your office, where will the meeting be held?

It is due, in large part, to these factors that construction and development firms often find short term or temporary office space to oversee projects.

Short term and temporary office space can be a big draw to development and construction firms for a variety of reasons:

  • Time restraints: Firms can occupy short term and temporary offices during a project without getting tied-down to traditional lease terms.
  • Convenience: Short term and temporary office space typically come furnished and ready for immediate use.
  • Accessibility: A temporary office space near an ongoing project also serves as an on-site headquarters for project oversight or for client site visits. Temporary offices are a good alternative to a construction foreman’s portable office, which can often be cluttered or unkempt.

Temporary Office Space in Downtown Tampa

on-demand office space; temporary office tampaSuites@Madison offers short term and temporary office space rentals in downtown Tampa. Tampa’s downtown core is a development hot-spot right now. As such, many development and construction firms are finding the benefits in Suites@Madison’s temporary office space solutions.

Take it from Jillian Bandes.

Jillian serves as a project manager with Bandes Construction, a construction firm based in Pinellas County, FL. Jillian was one of the earlier adopters of using short term and temporary office rentals for project oversight. Even without a current project to oversee, Jillian still finds temporary office rentals favorable.

“I attended the International Council of Shopping Center‘s (ICSC) West Florida Idea Exchange conference in downtown Tampa this past February. Suites@Madison served as a perfect home-base in between events and seminars. It was a quick walk from the convention center. The office came furnished and internet-ready. It was ready for use right when I walked in. It was a great alternative to hunkering down with my laptop in Starbucks.”

Check out this short video to find out how short term and temporary office space can meet your business needs!

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