What You Need to Know About Virtual Office Services

From time to time, we get questions from those looking for Tampa office space who have come across our website and saw that we advertise our virtual office services. You may have even come across the term yourself. The questions, usually, pertain to what specific parameters and functions virtual office services address.


What exactly is a virtual office?

Virtual offices are, essentially, office and business services, minus the physical space. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t ever have access to physical space, but we’ll get into that in a minute. The important thing to know is that virtual office services able to be tailor-fit to your business needs.

Basically, you can think of a virtual office as a sort of souped-up P.O. box, made especially for businesses and professionals. Yes, you can use it as your mailing address, but most providers of virtual office services offer so much more than a mail pick-up location.

What are some common virtual office services?

There’s A LOT you can do with a virtual office. While not all virtual office providers offer the same services, most serve similar functions and features.

You can expect nearly every virtual office provider to offer:

  • A fixed, business mailing address
    • This is perfect if you’re working from a home office. Correspondence can be sent and received using a registered business address, meaning you don’t have to let colleagues/clients know that you are working out of your home. It also beats a traditional P.O. box, since you don’t have to put down a P.O. box number.
  • Call answering
    • This is typically available in two-tiered forms: automated call answering and live reception. Automated call answering is a prerecorded greeting that provides callers with a call directory. Live reception features a live person fielding incoming calls.

There are some other services that not every virtual office provider offers. Some feature access to physical office space, like coworking space or day offices and others offer hourly conference rooms. Some even offer both!

How much do virtual office services cost?

The beautiful thing about virtual offices is their low-cost overhead. Without consuming physical space or daily office functions, virtual office users can pay a much lower price than those with traditional office space.

Pricing generally varies on what virtual office services you actually sign up for. Another factor can also be your desired market area. Depending on the critical, commercial mass of an area, virtual office pricing may vary. For instance, you should expect to pay more for a virtual office in Washington D.C. than you would in say a market like Tampa Bay.

Check out our Tampa virtual office services and pricing if you want to learn more.

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