Selecting a Meeting Room Space: Professional vs. Casual Aesthetics

Defining Meeting Room Space Needs

Many working professional’s perceptions of what constitutes office space has exploded with the rise of coworking venues. This new concept has eliminated the reliance on traditional, long-term office leasing. Despite the popularity of this type of office and meeting room space, it may not fit your business model.

The trend, in many of these coworking concepts is tailored to emerging ideas of what constitutes an office and meeting room space. Many of these ideas are aligned with the goals of start-up companies striving for creative development and expression.

professional meeting room spaceOffices and meeting rooms for millennial coworking spaces often include features like:

  • Bean-bags, lounge chairs
  • Alcoholic beverage options
  • Mood/Atmospheric lighting

While these features are great for stimulating creative growth and collaboration, they do not lend themselves to the office needs of professionals in traditional fields. However, the desire for these types of flexible office and meeting room spaces is gaining ground.

So the question is: how to apply modern, coworking concepts to the meeting room space needs of traditional professions? Bean-bags and mood lighting is not conducive to attorneys, mediators or arbitrators who need an office or meeting room space to meet clients.

Professional Aesthetics

Suites@Madison has taken the idea of offering short term office rentals and conference room space and adapted it to address traditional professions. Our meeting room space is built to suit the needs and temperaments of more seasoned professionals including:professional meeting room space tampa

  • Attorneys
  • Civil engineers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Brokers/Financiers

With short term and long term office rentals and hourly meeting room space in a pleasing, professional setting, Suites@Madison is the solution for the seasoned professional needing temporary office space in downtown Tampa. Each of our private offices feature stunning views of downtown Tampa and our common areas feature sublime contemporary art and furnishings that accentuate the space.

Find out more about our member plans on our prices and services page or contact us for more info. August 9th, 2017 at 21:09 / #1 / Reply / Quote

Pay by the hour for a fully-equipped meeting room, including facilities, furniture, high-speed internet and a staffed reception.

Nhang October 22nd, 2017 at 10:23 / #2 / Reply / Quote

Both the meeting space and the design ultimately compliment your agenda when it comes to providing the comfort and amenities necessary to have a successful professional event.

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