3 Reasons to Use a Shared Office for Your Tampa Business

Maybe you’re a real estate broker striking out on your own, maybe you’re a start-up attorney just building your professional reputation. The first thing that you’re going to need is a suitable office space to establish your business presence, meet clients and get work done.

If you are a young professional or start-up entrepreneur, finding suitable office space can seem a daunting task. While a home office is an affordable option, it is not the best place to meet clients. More than that, if you have worked from home before you may recognize how difficult it is to find the motivation to work. As someone who used to work from home, I can attest to that. Often, I found procrastination all to easy with all the distractions of home.

Meanwhile, you may not be ready to make the commitment to traditional office space. This can not only be costly, but often, the prospect of a year or multi-year lease for an office may be unsettling for a solo professional or small start-up.

With these options off the table, it’s time to consider an alternative to traditional office space or the home office.

Shared Office Space vs. Executive Office Space

The idea of an executive office might seem attractive: it gives the appearance of an established office space, there is a receptionist to greet clients and walk-ins and typically some sort of meeting room access. However, while privacy and professionalism are the draw to executive suites, they are not without drawbacks. In fact, the use of executive office space among business professionals has been dropping consistently over the past decade.

The main problem with executive offices? Lack of synergy. Closing the door to your private office may get you a couple hours of privacy, but what happens when you hit a brick wall? Studies show that an overwhelming number of people prefer to work together in some capacity as opposed to being completely isolated. Hence, the rise of the shared work space.

Community and Collaboration

The beauty of shared office space is its flexibility and ability to adapt to suit the user’s need. It has the capacity to provide many different traditional office functions while remaining nimble and keeping that vital social link intact. Here’s five reasons why you should consider moving your business to shared work space.

  • Cost
    • This might be the #1 reason for you to consider a shared office space. Most shared work spaces offer tiered options that professionals can tailor to their needs. Our shared office spaces in downtown Tampa offer several different options from day offices and hourly conference rentals to monthly membership plans.
  • Troubleshooting/Crowd-sourcing
    • Ever run into something in something in your work that really stumped you? What about getting hit with the “afternoon slump”? These mental blocks can lead to serious procrastination or just make you generally unproductive. A shared office allows you to work out problems and ideas with like-minded peers. Whether it’s just a few minutes of water-cooler talk or an impromptu brainstorming session, shared space encourage collaboration.
  • Business Incubation & Growth
    • Shared office spaces can be the perfect environment to grow your business. A coworking community is a shared economy. Access to shared resources and ideas can lead to new business opportunities. Our shared office space offers value-add events. We host monthly networking events, educational seminars and round-table discussions geared at encouraging and promoting our professional community.

About our Shared Office Space

Located in downtown Tampa, Suites@Madison is a collaborative real estate hub and professional community. Founded by real estate professionals for the purpose of serving Tampa’s real estate industry with flexible office space and resources, we have grown to welcome all professionals needing a footprint in the downtown core. You can find out more about our space and monthly events here.

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