Key Terms to Know When Looking for a Shared Work Space That’s Right for You

Finding a Shared Work Space

Private offices, executive suites, shared desks, private desks in shared work spaces,  virtual offices… If you’ve ever looked into a shared work space or coworking concept for a temporary or short term office solution, then you have probably come across these terms before.

Recently, shared work space concepts have become a rapidly rising trend. Shared work spaces are often touted as a viable alternative to traditional office space. However, with so many options available, you may find yourself overwhelmed coming through different types of office space and what amenities you can access.

While some work spaces do offer individual offices, others offer only private desks in an open, shared space. Some offer only basic business services and do not provide a physical office at all.

If you have ever looked into coworking or a shared work space and found yourself unclear on available options, we’re here to help.

Here is a list of popular shared work space and short term office rental terms. We’ll tell you what each one means and what amenities and services are typically included.

Private Office

You may have seen a coworking space advertising private offices. A private office means just that: an individual office. A private office may be designated for one person, or several on a team who need a work space of their own. Although private offices often share a common area in a shared work space, they offer a closed-door space where users can store equipment and materials permanently and securely.

Executive Suite

Executive suites and private offices are generally the same thing except for one slight difference. Typically, executive suites are a collection of private offices only, with no adjacent coworking spaces. Usually, executive suites have access to business services like faxing, printing, and mail service.

Shared Desk

A shared desk, or on-demand desk is just that: a desk that is shared between two or more individuals. As a result, shared desks are typically used by those who don’t need 24/7 access to an office. This option is best for those that come in and work on an as-needed basis. Typically, shared desks are arranged much like a quiet study area for a library, with desks set-up on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Private Desk

People often confuse the difference between a private office and a private desk. While private offices feature an individual space, think of private desks as a permanent desk in an open or shared work space. Private desks, or designated desks are reserved for use by one person and is available for them whenever they come in. In most cases, private desks feature locking storage to house materials. Private desk users can leave computers and other office equipment permanently.

Virtual Office

Despite the use of “office” in the title, virtual offices do not feature access to a physical office. In fact, much as the name implies, this is a virtual option. Businesses and professionals can set up a virtual office to have a mailing address in a certain area and have dedicated receptionist services without having to actually rent physical space.

Conference Space

Conference and meeting room space is usually available by the hour or day. While you may have regular office access, you may find that you need accessible conference room space to meet clients.

Tampa Office Space

Suites@Madison offers short term and temporary office space for businesses and professionals in downtown Tampa. We a offer a variety of private office and shared work space options from executive suites to designated desks and on-demand desks. Our office space comes internet-ready with access to coffee service and refreshments. Additionally, our central downtown location and on-site, covered parking garage makes us  convenient and accessible for members and clients.


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