The Push for Short Term Office Space in Downtown Tampa

The trend is set, the model has been reconfigured. Short term office space is here to stay.

Rising in popularity as a response to the economic downturn of 2008, short term office space quickly became a go-to option for businesses and professionals trying to remain nimble in a tight market. As traditional office leases became infeasible, the need arose for office space that provided a professional footprint while allowing for flexibility to scale or focus on new markets.

Historically a favorite for creative-types, the years following the 2008 economic recession saw a rise in co-working and shared space concepts for use by more traditional professions.

Since, the idea of shared office space has spread like wildfire. Many major companies throughout the U.S. are focusing their attention on finding short term office space in lieu of traditional leases.

Many cities, including Tampa, are looking for ways to cater to this ever-expanding and in-demand market.

Finding Short Term Office Space in Tampa

Downtown Tampa is Hillsborough County’s most diverse and vibrant office sub-market. Not only serving as the county’s judicial and administrative center, it is also a major banking and finance hub. Downtown Tampa is also a major tourism destination, drawing thousands of visitors annually.

In addition, Tampa recently ranked in the top 20 list of cities, nationwide, as a destination for small businesses.

Despite this designation (or due to to it), office space in downtown Tampa is scarce. Recent figures show downtown Tampa operating at 95% occupancy for functional office space.

As long term office space options disappear, a growing demand for flexible spaces is taking its place. The downtown Tampa market has a need for short term office space that caters to traditional professions.

Suites@Madison offers a variety of professional, short term office space solutions in downtown Tampa. Whether you need short term office space or a long term option, our Member Plans are built to suit your business needs. Suites@Madison offers professional, economical office and meeting room space in a convenient location in the heart of downtown Tampa.

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