Move Over Techies, Legal Professionals are the New Major Coworking Space Consumers!

There’s no doubt: the tech boom is largely responsible for the massive coworking wave that’s turning traditional office space on its head. With emerging tech startups outgrowing spaces faster than they could consume them, the need arose for flexible workplaces; spaces that didn’t require long term commitments. In keeping with non-traditional style, short term office […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Virtual Mailing Address

You’ve heard the terms before: virtual office, virtual mailbox, business mailing address… but what do they mean? Is it just a fancy name for a P.O. Box or is it something else? Well, the first thing to know about a virtual mailing address is NOT the same as a post office box. Typically, it serves […]

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3 Business Practices You Should Avoid on a Public Internet Connection

The New Office Frontier? Not Really Trying to get internet access in a hotel lobby or local coffee shop… we’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be tougher than finding parking during peak business hours downtown. Whether you’re just checking emails or reviewing urgently needed presentation notes, the stress-level can be the same with a slow or spotty internet […]

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Development and Construction Firms Dig Temporary Office Space!

Real Estate Construction & Development: The Issue with Project Oversight If you work in the real estate industry, you’re busy. If you work in real estate construction and/or development, then you’re even busier. Especially in a state like Florida, with a construction work force already stretched thin, development and construction firms often have multiple projects […]

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