Move Over Techies, Legal Professionals are the New Major Coworking Space Consumers!

There’s no doubt: the tech boom is largely responsible for the massive coworking wave that’s turning traditional office space on its head. With emerging tech startups outgrowing spaces faster than they could consume them, the need arose for flexible workplaces; spaces that didn’t require long term commitments. In keeping with non-traditional style, short term office […]

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Is Downtown Tampa Already Losing Sight of Its Urban Growth Vision?

We’ve been bringing you development updates on downtown Tampa as it takes steps to becoming a livable downtown destination. We’ve talked about the various projects and events centered around downtown, highlighting its convenience and ease-of-access as major factors in transitioning to a desirable location for urban living. However, Tampa City Council’s recent decision in regards […]

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Top 6 Consumers of Tampa Meeting Rooms and Conference Space

Who Needs Tampa Meeting Rooms? Believe it or not, the need for on-demand conference space¬†is a very real issue for many professionals. All sorts of industries need access to meeting rooms by the hour or day. Whether it’s due to the transient nature of your work or your office does not have the space or […]

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Tips for Growing Your Small Business

The American Dream We’ve all got our own interpretations, but for many, it takes shape as the dream of owning and operating your own business. However, like any dream, making it a reality takes some persistence and perseverance. It’s never an immediate success story, growing your small business takes time and resources… *aghem*… money. If […]

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Key Terms to Know When Looking for a Shared Work Space That’s Right for You

Finding a Shared Work Space Private offices, executive suites, shared desks, private desks in shared work spaces, ¬†virtual offices… If you’ve ever looked into a shared work space or coworking concept for a temporary or short term office solution, then you have probably come across these terms before. Recently, shared work space concepts have become […]

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