What Should You Expect During an Office Relocation in Tampa Bay?

Across Tampa Bay — from Lakeland to St. Pete and from North Tampa down to Sarasota — companies large and small are always moving their office space.

Those moves might be within the same building, within different floors of a building or across town. Because of the complexity of some of these moves, most business owners will hire an experienced office relocation company to manage the process.

The reality is, even though it may cost money to hire these movers, it’s really the best decision. When moving your office, here are a few things you should expect.

A written estimate of the move

All reputable companies will provide you with a written estimate of your move. This should be a pretty detailed quote that outlines the specifics of the move. Some estimates for smaller jobs can be provided over the phone, while larger jobs may require an on-site visit.

Less downtime and risk of injury to your employees

Outsourcing the move will actually create less downtime for your business. Moves can be scheduled during the workweek or weekend. Letting someone else manage the move means your employees can focus on the work at hand and also not subject your company to potential workers’ compensation issues.

Movers move everything

If it’s located within your office space or workplace, office movers should be able to move it. If there is something that both parties agree should not be moved, this should be outlined in the estimate. A good example is computer and IT equipment. While a moving company can move these items, sometimes the company’s IT partner may want to manage that part of the process.

Your office furniture is a valuable investment

Whether you’ve outfitted a small office or a really large one, you know how much office furniture can cost. You certainly don’t want it damaged during a move. That means it’s best to hire movers who are experienced and trained using the appropriate methods that limit damage.

Furniture installation is a big part of moves that’s often overlooked

Office furniture installation teams know exactly how to disassemble, move, reassemble and install cubicles, workstations, connected desks and more. Each office furniture brand has different specifications and instructions on how to put together their furniture. That becomes a big deal when you have cubicles and workstations to assemble after a move.

*this is one of the main reasons why your local residential moving company is not a good choice to move your office furniture.

Uniformed movers

When movers and installers arrive at your office space, they should be uniformed and easily identifiable. They should also be respectful of the office environment, especially if the move is occurring during business hours. Most moves should be managed by a supervisor from the moving company as well.

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The information above was supplied by Office Movers of Florida, Tampa’s leading commercial office relocation company. For more information, please contact them at 813-304-2273.

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