What Do Tampa Businesses Do With Old Office Furniture?

One common question that business owners face from time to time is, “what do I do with our old office furniture?

Most often, this question comes up due to downsizing, office relocation or just upgrading current furniture to something nicer. Typically, the larger the company, the more furniture they have to get rid of.

Here at Suites@Madison, we have several members who transitioned to a furnished, short term office space from a traditional lease and no longer had a need for their old furniture.

Smart business owners will realize that their furniture still has value and that they may be able to sell the furniture.

Selling the furniture generally allows for two things. First, the company can recoup some of their investment and put it toward the cost of new furniture. Also, when someone purchases the furniture, they’ll pick it up and take it away. This saves the business owner from having to move the furniture.

In the office furniture industry, this is called furniture liquidation. Basically, liquidation just means to get rid of or sell used furniture. You can find furniture liquidators by talking to your property manager or commercial realtor (who generally will have a recommendation) or by contacting used office furniture stores (most of whom will buy old furniture).

Most liquidators will purchase used cubicles, office desks, chairs and other office furniture. Importantly, the furniture will likely need to be in good condition. Extremely old furniture or well-worn furniture may have little value, though an office furniture store may still collect and dispose of the furniture for you.

How does office furniture liquidation work?

When you have furniture inventory to get rid of, you’ll schedule an appointment with a liquidator to come see the furniture. If your furniture has value, a price can be negotiated. If it doesn’t, the liquidator should be able to offer you some alternatives such as places for donation, recycling options or junk removal if necessary.

Remember — if you are purchasing new furniture, removal teams will need to schedule a time to pick up the old furniture from your office space ahead of your new furniture delivery. Liquidator teams are trained to get in, disassemble and remove your old furniture quickly with as little interruption as possible.

Need more information about office furniture liquidation?

furniture liquidation tampaOne local Tampa office furniture liquidation company is Office Furniture 911 with offices on Adamo Drive. Call them at 813-443-4493.

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