Save Time and Money on Your Tampa Office Space Search!

Tampa Bay is increasingly becoming a hot market for businesses and professionals relocating to Florida. With downtown Tampa’s ongoing revitalization, the downtown core is increasingly becoming the place-to-be. You have probably heard of some of the numerous redevelopment projects going on downtown and if you’re in the area, you’ve definitely seen it! With so many great things to offer, demand for downtown Tampa office space has been building.

While prices have still not reached Westshore-area rates, downtown’s urban renewal has sparked a rise in lease rates. Luckily, there is another option.

You can save time and money on your Tampa office space search by considering a short term office solution or a temporary work space option, like coworking. These concepts are built with flexibility in mind and are structured to keep costs low.

Looking for Tampa office space?

Short term office rentals are available in a few different models. The most common types you’ll see are:

  • Coworking Spaces
  • Executive Suites

Coworking is a rapidly growing trend among professionals, as it allows access to a functioning office without the overhead of leasing or buying permanent space. Professionals work in a collaborative setting, often with shared amenities and space.

The more traditional route is the executive suite concept. With executive suites, an office space is sectioned into individual private offices. Typically there is a receptionist to greet visitors, but there is no focus on collaboration or coworking.

While it does offer a more established, professional look and feel, it has been dropping off in demand as more businesses opt for a creative or collaborative space.

Is your Tampa office space undergoing build-out or renovation?

Maybe you have already found a Tampa office space that you like. However, maybe it has to be built-out to suit your needs or it is in the midst of a renovation. Either way, you’ll need temporary office space while your office is completed.

To prevent delays on deadlines or loss of revenue from downtime, you can find a temporary office that offers flexible or month-to-month lease terms.

The choice is yours!

The great thing about these short term and temporary office options is their built-in flexibility. Whether you just need a temporary office or you need a collaborative space to incubate your start-up, you can save time and money on your Tampa office space!


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