On-the-Go Professionals Demand Temporary Office Rentals

Office Space, When You Need It

The way we do business is changing. The digital age has launched a new era in how people collect and distribute information and goods. With that, comes changing needs in office space. In shift away from traditional office space, businesses and professionals are increasingly looking for more dynamic, flexible options. This demand has given rise to the popularity of temporary office rentals. Temporary office rentals allow you to retain access to functional office space while eliminating the need for long term commitments.

As your business needs change, so too should your office space.

Technology Leading the Change

virtual office tampa temporary office rentalsThe most direct factor contributing to this shift is technology. This rapidly evolving and expanding industry has left an indelible imprint on the way we process information. We now have more access to more information and data then ever before, and the immediacy in which it is transmitted and received is incredible.

In simplest terms, technology has eliminated the need for many functions that offices have traditionally served. It has also dramatically changed the labor force. Many jobs that were once done by hand have become automated.

As businesses and employers continue to streamline operations to adapt to a growing automated landscape, their physical footprints continue to shrink. Here are just several technological advancements that have increased the demand for temporary office rentals.


At one time, physical company meetings were the only way to share important  information; staff meetings were always held with everybody sitting in one room. Now however, advancements in audio and visual technologies allow you to tune in to a meeting even if you’re 3,000 miles away.

Virtual Reception

When you call a business and reach the receptionist, what do you picture in  your head – someone sitting behind a big desk at the front of an office? While that may have been the case several years ago, now there might not be anyone there at all. So who’s taking your call? A virtual receptionist is your answer.

Businesses are increasingly relying on virtual reception services to field inbound calls. Instead of one dedicated receptionist on-staff, business owners and solo professionals are able to outsource this need.

Trained teams of off-site receptionists are able to receive and field incoming calls, with payment structures built off call volume and time usage. This provides flexibility for business owners both financially and operationally. Instead of a dedicated staff member-who you have to pay regardless of how many calls are received-you can now pay for for only what you use. This also reduces your office footprint.

Flexibility Over Formality

The other major demand driver is the need for flexibility in the work place. 2008 and the ensuing recession changed the office landscapes. Many businesses and professionals found it necessary to adapt to a dynamic, cost-efficient office approach or risk getting swallowed financially. The need for flexibility has since segued into office culture. Now, many employees don’t just need flexibility, they expect it.

Especially among startups and entrepreneurs, the demand for a dynamic workplace is vital. This allows startup owners to find out what operational methods work and what don’t as well as what markets require a focus.

Temporary Office Rentals in Tampa

temporary office rentalsTampa, especially downtown Tampa has been meeting the changing office needs of many professionals. Throughout the downtown core, you’ll find a number of temporary office rentals and hourly meeting rooms that cater to a variety of professions. You can find everything from creative and tech spaces to spaces with a more professional atmosphere. You can find temporary office rentals with services that suit your business needs, whether its just for one day or for a year!


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